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tormented dream's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
tormented dream

You are my addiction,
I feign for you.
I inject you into me,
I feel you flow threw my veins,
As you fill my blood with your poison.
I'm addicted to your pain.
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Forever [ April ]
Looked down on by the evil wonders of the world.
Spit on by all authority. I am your enemy, your opposite.
I was the one who kicked you while you were down,
The one who poured salt in your wounds.
I laughed in your face, while inside I wept.
From the pain.
The hurt I felt as your peice of my heart was ripped out,
Thrown to the ground and stomped on
By all the strangers who watched with brainwashed eyes.
Mezmorized by the terror in my mind
Wanting to feel the pain I inflict upon you... upon myself.
My worthless existence has slowly come to an end,
And my mind is quickly unraveling.
Tattered peices fall to the floor at your feet
Just to be washed away by the drops of your tears.
You brought this upon me... and yourself.
This sickening woozie feeling of worthlessness,
And you have no excuse...
No reason for your psychotic actions, feelings or thoughts.
I hate you and I want you to die, FOREVER.

Afraid of Who I Am [ April ]
Where have I gone? I am no longer here.
I live my life watching through the windows into reality.
I am in my own realm, tucked away from the pain of the world.
Is this how it's supposed to be? Am i supposed to feel like this?
Wishing to be normal for a day,
Afraid of who I am... Who I've become.
Wanting to die, to no longer have to lie my life.

Aimlessly [ April ]
Spying through the windows of my world,
Peeking into the doorways of yours.
My mind is broken,
My heart is aching.
I wander down the empty hallways of your mind
Looking for answers to questions that have none.
My soul has blackened without you,
The walls I have built up encase
All the hurt, the rage, the hate.
Hidden from the eyes of the strangers that surround me.
I, myself am a stranger.
A stranger to you.
A stranger to me.

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